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Strike Force Bowling Club of Minnesota

2016-17 Season Recap




2017 Club Championships



U13 Champions - Justice League!

U13 2nd Place - Pin Mafia!

U13 3rd Place - New Revolution!

U13 4th Place - The Wrecking Crew!



U11 Champions - Extreme Heat!

U11 2nd Place - Riptide!

U11 3rd Place - Landslide!

U11 4th Place - Wild Fire!


Click here for detailed results from the 2017 Club Championships




U11 2017 All-Strike Force

First Team

Chase Swenson - Extreme Heat

Isaiah Sample - Riptide

JayJay Christenson - Sandstorm

Gavin DeVries - Wild Fire


Second Team

Dawson Peterson - Riptide

Corban Oachs - Landslide

Kalli Triske - Hailstorm

Gavin Gohlike - Landslide


Third Team

Landen Myers - Hailstorm

Joseph Woods-Weisman - Wild Fire

Sadie Bettendorf - Extreme Heat

Dylan Hennen - Extreme Heat




U13 2017 All-Strike Force

First Team

Samuel Scherer - Fast n' Furious

John Clinton - Smooth Criminals

Gage Knutson - Pin Mafia

Joshua Wenninger - Wrecking Crew

Brooke Salzman - Justice League

Alex Pike - Wrecking Crew


Second Team

Henry Ferderer - Chosen Ones

Dustin Drkula - Pin Smashers

Brady Drkula - Pin Smashers

Shamarr Martin - Knock Around Guys

Dylan Hodney - Smooth Criminals

Daniel Greenberg - Untouchables


Third Team

Kory Ludden - Dream Killers

Remington Bamlet - New Revolution

Jordan Bennerotte - New Revolution

Ian Strusz - Smooth Criminals

Morgan Marx - Justice League

Cassidy Williams - Wrecking Crew









U11 & UI3 Standings & Stats

U11 updated 3/7/17 - FINAL

U13 updated 3/8/17 - FINAL



2016-17 Rosters