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First, click on all the other “TABS” on this webpage to get a clear understanding why supporting Tip Credit benefits you and

all other Minnesotans and how it especially benefits the lowest paid hourly workers in the full service restaurant industry. 


Then click on the link below to determine whom your legislators are and please contact them to

voice your request for them to support Tip Credit Legislation.


It is not necessary to say anything more than as a constituent that you would like them to support a Tip Credit amendment

with any minimum wage increase.  You can mention that you read the information on this webpage and that it seems to you

that there are many compelling reasons to support Tip Credit and seemingly no compelling reasons to oppose it.  You might

even ask them to call you back if they plan to oppose Tip Credit in Minnesota so that you can understand their reasons for doing so.      


If for any reason you are less than comfortable speaking directly to a legislator, you can call during the day

and merely leave a message with your legislator’s assistant.  Or, if you call in the evening, then you can

leave a voice message.  Again, it can be a simple voice message and you will have the

option to erase and rerecord your message as many times as you like until you are comfortable with it.  


Please urge your legislators to be concerned with the lowest paid hourly workers in the restaurant

industry and not just the much higher paid tipped employees.  Urge them to support Tip Credit

legislation in Minnesota for this reason and to help keep full service restaurant prices lower for ALL Minnesotans.