Spring Lake Park High School


*** For students in grades 7 - 12 ***




If you are a Spring Lake Park student, in grade 7 - 12, who likes to bowl and has the desire to

become a better bowler, then the Spring Lake Park High School bowling team would likely

be a good fit for you! Interested in learning more? Email Josh or call him at 763-755-2552.











Bowling is a student club at Spring Lake Park High School.  Bowling is a co-ed sport in the fall and

a girls-only sport in the winter. Members of the bowling teams are eligible for varsity letters.



Bowlero Blaine is the sponsoring bowling center for the SLP High School bowling teams.

Bowlero provides lanes for practices and conference competition. Practices are held at

Bowlero on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:00 5:30 p.m.  Matches are held on

Thursday afternoons at bowling centers in Blaine, Ham Lake, Anoka, Andover, and Coon Rapids. 


The activity fee for the SLP bowling team is $55.

There may be an extra expense for a team jersey.



It is the opinion of many that Minnesota High School Bowling and Girls Minnesota High School Bowling

are the best-organized club programs in the state. The fall co-ed league features 124 varsity and 134 junior varsity

teams, with more than 1550 students competing throughout the state. The girls-only winter league is just five years

old and features 42 varsity teams with 280 students competing statewide.



Minnesota High School Bowling uses the baker-system. Five bowlers each bowl two frames

to complete a single game. It is a very exciting competition format for both players and spectators.



Each fall, 44 varsity and 50 junior varsity teams from around the state will advance to

postseason competition where they will compete for a chance at winning the state tournament.



Minnesota High School Bowling and Girls Minnesota High School Bowling are administered

by the Bowling Proprietors Association (BPAM) and are governed by a set of rules

that have been modeled after those of the Minnesota State High School League. Learn more about

the leagues at www.mhsb.org  or www.girlsmhsb.org.








          Bowling is an NCAA sport for women (many tournaments can be seen on ESPN) and an NAIA sport for men.

Approximately 100 colleges and universities are now offering scholarships to bowlers (men and women).  



          Bowling is good exercise. Many bowlers...

          * Burn up to 198 calories per hour

          * Use 134 muscles while bowling

          * Walk 1/2 a mile over a period of three games

          * Improve balance and hand/eye coordination



   For the past 10 years, bowling has been one of the two fastest growing varsity sports in the country.

Twenty states have varsity bowling. Twenty-seven states have club bowling.

In just the 20 states that offer varsity bowling, there are 52,000 high school bowlers.





   Bowling is non-contact sport. Bowlers experience very few significant injuries.

Bowling is done indoors. There is no extreme cold, heat, or humidity to deal with.