12 reasons that Minnesota schools

should support high school bowling


  1. The league is free for schools to participate in. 99% of coaches are volunteers. All teams are sponsored by local bowling centers.


  1. Minnesota High School Bowling (MHSB) is the biggest and best organized "club program" in Minnesota. 129 varsity and 104 junior varsity teams (1500+ students in grades 7 - 12) particpate in the league. Many of the league’s rules are modeled after those set forth by the Minnesota State High School League. The league is well structured. There are clearly defined starting and ending dates.


  1. More than 80 schools in Minnesota now offer bowling as a school club/activity/organization (with many awarding varsity club letters to the athletes).


  1. Minnesota High School Bowling now offers two seasons: a fall co-ed season and winter girls-only season. Girls are eligible to participate in both leagues if they so choose.


  1. For the past 10 years, bowling has been one of the two fastest growing varsity sports in the country. Twenty states have varsity bowling. Twenty-seven states have club bowling. In just the 20 states that offer varsity bowling, there are 52,000 bowlers.


  1. Bowling is an official NCAA sport for women (many tournaments can be seen on ESPN). Both girls and boys are being awarded scholarships to bowl at the collegiate level. Nearly 100 schools are now offering scholarships at the collegiate level. 


  1. Bowling often appeals to students that do not participate in other extracurricular activities (more true in the metro area than outstate). Students that do not feel that they are athletic enough to play football, basketball, hockey, etc. are often interested in trying bowling.


  1. Bowling is a lifetime sport. People ages 3 to 103 can bowl.


  1. Bowling is a social sport, and engenders a level of sportsmanship not often seen among athletes.  It is not uncommon for a bowler to congratulate a competitor on a nice shot, even if that shot beats them for the game.


  1. MHSB does not allow alcohol near the lanes during practices or competition.


  1. Bowling is good exercise. Rolling an 8 to 16 pound bowling ball at 17 to 25 miles per hour down 60 feet of lane uses 134 muscles. Bowling 3 games at 2 balls per frame will produce the equivalent of a one mile walk and burn 198 calories per hour.


  1. Minnesota High School Bowling is inexpensive to participate in. Bowlers may be charged a nominal annual participation fee of $75.00 by their sponsoring bowling center, but that is a fraction of what they receive in return (uniforms, league administration, and dozens of hours of practice, competition, and coaching).


Updated on June 1, 2014